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 Ilene: Pickup

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PostSubject: Ilene: Pickup   Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:12 am

Thanks so much for requesting Ilene xx

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PostSubject: Re: Ilene: Pickup   Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:21 pm


Hi!  I see you deleted my tags.  I have been very poorly, did go to one group I have been on a long time bc they made me motm.  Also my computer is messed up, and not in frame of mind to do something else. My mom's dementia has been worse, and they keep putting off her 24  hour aides I have been working on, since March.

I am probably going to have to find a dr. to do more back surgery and revision back surgery, bc I took the less invasive route, bc I was terrified, now the bone on that level is moving around and impinging a nerve.  I should have gone the other way, but it was 7 days hospital and I am terrified of hospitals and morphine drip and long recuperation.

I have been depressed for 2 months, but the last straw was when the neurologist told me if I lose feeling in my legs or am incontinent go to the nearest hospital  (a horrible one) and they would need to do emergency surgery or it would be permanent.  Just thinking about 2 bags attached to me and my husband taking care of me and eventually resenting me, is making me not able to function at all.  The bad news about my mother's aides actually helped me today bc it got my mind off me.  I am such a baby I am bawling my eyes out now.

I am sorry I did not pick up the tags, I understand if you don't want me to request, bc I can not with what is going on guarantee I will be in all the time, I will try my best.  Do not want to lose my online friendships, and you are definitely one of them!

Hugs & love, Ilene

PS  I might c and p this to other taggers bc it is so hard to type but will leave certain things out.


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Ilene: Pickup
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